Character Sketches

Done 2020 and 2021 while in pre production of Astro Inferno.
Most Sketches take about 1 hour of concept and form and then about 2-4 hours of refining. Some like the more simplistic Nano Suit are done in about 1h total.


Sketches 2020-2021.
Refined sketches of creatures and concepts later evolved into Illustrations.
The Unlight Creature & Undying was the first sketch for Astro Inferno and was done with Photobashing. I remember the holes in the skull is a gaming mouse. I still like it but I definitely would do it different today.

Inner Demons
Something we fight with and against most of our lives.
Very quick sketches of about 10-15 minutes each, the only sketches made faster was the corruption sketches witch was very fast at about 5min each.

Also a very fast sketch of about 30 minutes. The weapon took me about 2 hours to do and there is a very detailed illustration of that somewhere, in the final sketch only the outline shows.

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